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If you have a car or van that's three years old or more, it will need an MOT safety check every year (except those made before 1960 or goods vehicles powered by electricity).

Fastway Fareham Autocentre can carry out an MOT test for you so why not book an appointment now.

You could face a fine of up to £1,000 if you drive a vehicle without a valid MOT and it could invalidate your insurance (in an accident).

You cannot renew your vehicle's Road Fund Licence without an MOT and this could result in your car being towed away to a compound which means you would have to pay a hefty release fee when you retrieve it.

Driving with no valid MOT will lead to points on your licence and inevitably higher insurance costs for several years if you are caught by Police without an MOT.



If you enrol in Fastway Fareham Autocentre's MOT reminder service then you'll know exactly when your vehicle is due an MOT test because we will send you a reminder when before the upcoming test date.

It's easy to register for the service - just call us on 01329 284353.

The MOT (Ministry of Transport) Test checks that your car or van meets the minimum safety standards at the time it is tested.

Fastway Fareham Autocentre's trained VOSA (Vehicle and Operator Services Agency) MOT testers will undertake a detailed inspection of your car or van's interior and exterior, under the bonnet and under the vehicle itself.

Fastway Fareham Autocentre will issue you with an MOT certificate if your vehicle passes the comprehensive series of checks required.

We will tell you about any items that don't need attention or replacing now but may do in the near future - these are called ‘advisory’ items.

But if you car or van fails the MOT Test, Fareham Fastway Autocentre can undertake repairs immediately and you won't have to pay a second MOT Test fee providing your vehicle either stays on the premises for repair, or if taken away, it is returned to us for the necessary repair[s] within 10 working days.

Vehicles must be tested every 12 months so if you are registered with our MOT Test reminder service, you can avoid any last minute rush to get you car or van MOT tested by the deadline date.

MOT Tests at Fastway Fareham Autocentre can be booked up to one month (minus one day) before the due date of a first or renewal MOT.

MOT testing has recently been computerised so Police and mobile camera units can quickly check to see if your vehicle has a valid MOT. If you don't, the consequences will be very serious! Don't take that chance!


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